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FOR SALE: Complete Dive Ready Canon/Subal 5D Mark III System

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For Sale: Camera/Housing System in Excellent Condition for Sale:


  • Subal CD5M3 Housing (Black) with Viewfinder and Vacuum Port
  • Zen 230 Dome Port with Neoprene Cover
  • Subal Flat Port (for 100mm) Poly Cover
  • Canon 5D MKIII Camera Body
  • Canon 5D MKIII Camera Batteries (2)
  • Canon Battery Chargers (2)
  • Canon 100mm Macro Lens with 404 Manual Focus Ring(s)
  • Sigma 15mm Fisheye Lens (1.4x Teleconverter)
  • Ikelite 161 Movie Strobes with Diffusers (2)
  • Ikelite 161 Battery Packs (Spares) (2)
  • Ikelite 161 Battery Chargers (2)
  • Ikelite 161 Double Snyc Cord (2)
  • Ikelite 161 Single Sync Cord (2)
  • Ultralight Control System Arm Sets (two 8 inch arms per side with all ball joints)
  • ULC Base Adapters and Strobe Adapters (1 each type per side)
  • Vacuum Pump


Dive Ready and Bundle Only - $9750

Contact me any questions you may have. Additional photos available....










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Any chance you'll some of the gear? I'm looking for the housing, zen port, 15mm lens, movie lights, arms, adapter, etc. If so, can you let me know the price?

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