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FOR SALE Ikelite 8 " dome kit

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Hi everyone!


Long time ago I stopped using Ikelite system and selling now all parts of that system. This dome assembly (port + port body) I have bought after my second trip back then. After that I moved on another system and kept this one in closet to slowly lose value :-)

I am based in Amsterdam, NL and ideally selling to EU buyer, but open to sell and ship worldwide. Shipping and handling is extra and price depends on option. I am OK with selling separately dome port from extension.

Send me offers on PM. Discount on buying all together.

In general 8" dome kit consists of two parts:

  • Ikelite 8" dome assembly # 5510.45
  • Depending on the lens used a Ikelite port body of the correct size


1.Ikelite Modular 8-inch Dome for FL Port Systems 5510.45 - 260e

This dome looks very good, around 30 dives only with it. There are some minor signs of usage, but nothing that would impact on image quality .

This Dome is not compatible with the newer Dry Lock (DL) port system.



- Acrylic dome with aluminum base
- Weighs 3.94 lb (1.79 kg)


  • Dome
  • Dome shade # 5510.04
  • Neoprene front cover # 0200.82
  • Silicone lubricant # 0184.1


2. Ikelite FL Port Extension (Port Body) 5510.22 - 130e

A popular Modular Lens Extension for use with many longer length zoom lenses. The extension threads onto the base of either the Modular 8-inch Dome or the Modular Glass Flat Front for simple assembly and use in a wide variety of applications.

The port body Ikelite # 5510.22 is also suitable for use in combination with the Ikelite Modular Flat Glass Front # 5510.35.

Accommodates lenses up to 4.125-inch (10.5 cm) long and 3.3-inch (8.4 cm) in diameter when used with the Modular 8-inch Dome. Accommodates lenses up to 4-inch (10.2 cm) long when used with the Modular Glass Flat Front.



- Extension
- O-ring to housing # 0105
- O-ring to front # 0132.41



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