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Kraken de Mabini

Inon D2000 and Z240 Strobe Knob Extension

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The Inon D2000 and Z240 strobe knobs are quite short, and can be difficult to find and turn in dark and in cold water. A larger knob extension, easy to adjust, can be 3D printed, but is expensive and if printed may not fit properly (see references).

The two Inon control knobs are identical in shape, but only the intensity Control knob needs an extension for easy operation. A no-cost knob extension can made from a Crest toothpaste cap, as it fits tightly on the Inon's flash intensity knob. A notch in the cap lets one feel the knob's intensity setting.


1. With a sharp razor cut a triangular notch in the cap's top, and aligned vertically with it, cut a square notch in the cap's bottom to fit the knob's arrow pointer (Fig 1).


Fig 1

2. Secure the cap: The Inon knob is kept in place by a hollow pin across its middle; a 1.5 mm (or 1/16th in.) drill bit fits through this hollow pin (Fig 2).


Fig 2

Mark the cap 5.5 mm from its bottom edge and 1/4 of the way (90°) around it from the knob's pointer. Fit the Crest cap tightly on the Inon knob and drill 1.5 mm connecting holes through the cap and the hollow pin.

3. Pass a short length of stainless wire through these cap holes and bend its free ends flat into the cap. For thin stainless wire, first bend it into a hairpin loop (Fig 3 & 4).


Fig 3


Fig 4

Or pass a length of 1 to 1.5 mm nylon fishing line through the drilled hole, heat one end with a match, and while soft, press it into a button; cut the other end about 2 to 3 mm from the cap and also heat it and press it into a button (Figs 3 & 5).


Fig 5

Note: A Colgate toothpaste cap can also be used, but it fits loosely on the Inon knob as it is a bit wider (about 2.5 mm) and shorter (about 2 mm). To make it usable, drill out the cap's center with a 12mm (1/2 in) bit, and wrap two layers of plastic electrical tape around the Inon knob, so the cap fits it tightly. Fig 1 shows the Crest cap on the left and the Colgate cap on the right.

Materials: Crest toothpaste cap, short length of stainless wire or ~1 mm. nylon fishing line.

Tools: Matches, single edge razor, pencil, drill with 1.5 mm (1/16 in.) bit, long nose pliers.


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