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Olympus E-M1 with nauticam housing, Inon Z240 strobes, CMC1 super macro lens, 60mm & 8mm fisheye lens. Complete set

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Olympus e-m1 camera body (silver/black edition) with 60mm macro lens and 8mm f1.8 fisheye lens.

Nauticam housing with vacuum pump feature (and vacuum pump tool)

20mm extension ring, micro port 45mm ring, F.I.T PRO 4.33" optical glass dome port (with neoprene cover)

2 INON z240 strobes with fibre optic cables

All arms and clamps with 8 floats on (camera still negative)

Flip diopter holder for M67 macro port and CMC1 super macro lens

Olympus Mini flash trigger

Selection of spare o-rings, camera bag and of course the usual chargers, cables etc...


One of the diffusers on a strobe has a crack in it but does not affect operation at all. One of the strobes focus light does not work, and the strobe takes about 10-15 seconds longer to power on than the other strobe. Lastly one of the ball joint adaptors to attach the strobe to the arm is a tiny bit broken. The outer plastic handle snapped off so its difficult to remove the adaptor but the strobe is very well secured (so actually its better like this!).


Operationally everything works fine and I've never had any issues with it. The housing has been used on less than 100 dives, most items only 20 dives and some items only a pittyful 2 dives! I just don't get it in the water enough to justify keeping it, therefore I am looking to sell.


Happy to sell as a set or sell things individually.cannot seem to add photos for some reason, but if you want photos by WhatsApp it's no problem to send them

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Not sure if you have sold this yet but if not, please let me know if you would sell the Z240's separately (I flooded ine :( ) ...



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