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For Sale: Complete Package: SONY RX100V /Fantasea /SeaLife

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Sony RX 100 V/ Fantasea/SeaLife Complete package

$3700++ retail cost

$2200 for sale

I bought this awesome SONY compact new from a U.S. retailer in 2018. (The rest of the gear was bought around the same time.) Great camera, but I’m planning to move up to the Sony a7iii if I can sell this underwater package. Everything is in like new condition, but I’ll say its 9+. Check Google/youtube and you will see that the reviewers think this is the best compact camera. 20 megapixels, large sensor. 315 autofocus points, great kit lens;24-70 f 1.8, fast autofocus, amazing super slow motion video, etc. (Please search online for technical details.)

Pluses for underwater shooting: kit lens allows for flexible macro and wide angle shooting on same dive. I also have Fantasea 12+ macro and a wide angle wet lens which can be added or removed underwater. No ports to deal with.

Light weight compact size means its easy to handle underwater and you can carry on the camera, housing, lenses, strobes, filters, and more in a backpack.

Shoots JPEG or RAW or both. You can set camera to Auto mode, full manual, Aperture priority or Shutter speed priority, and change underwater.

Capture One software is a free, reasonable competitor to LR/PS for processing RAW files.

I don’t shoot hardly any video, so I won’t comment on it, except to say that others who do shoot video rave about it.

Things that could be better: battery life. With the Sony battery, I get 2 dives of about 50 minutes each. (I did one 90 min dive at the Blue Heron Bridge on one battery and still had more juice.) 3rd party batteries give slightly less time. The camera also reportedly heats up, especially with prolonged video. I shoot only stills underwater, so this is not an issue for me. White balance in video mode not the easiest to set. Lastly, the Sony menus offer great flexibility, but it takes time to learn everything. Most shooters find a group of settings that work for them and don’t worry about all the zillion other options.

Sea Life tray and arms, one flexible. I custom made a retainer which is bolted (removable) to the bottom of the tray. This can be used underwater to store the lens cap or any 67 mm threaded lens, filter, or diopter. Very handy.

2 SeaLife Sea Dragon strobes with fiber optic cords, diffusers. 20 Guide factor. Compact size, light weight (do you see a pattern here?). I shoot these on manual, They have been workhorses. I don’t think I’ve ever had a situation where I thought I needed more expensive strobes.

SeaLife video/focus light. Part of a flouresence package, it has 4 settings; bright white, dimmer white, bright UV 455 nm, dimmer UV. Mounts to cold shoe. I mostly just use it as a white focus light, but have found that squid seem very curious about the blue light.

Fluorescence package: 67 mm yellow filter, yellow visor, blue filter hood for 3in strobe

Waterproof LED Ring Light: imported imitation of Kraken. White, Blue or Red leds. Fixed and strobe functions. 67mm thread. Puts light right on macro subject. Fish/shrimp seem less bothered by red light. You can get right up to their noses. (I’ll throw this in with lights for no extra charge.)

Fantasea housing: controls all buttons/ menus etc. I shoot manual, so I adjust aperture/ shutter speed constantly. Also full access to menu settings. Customizable buttons. However, I believe it is not possible to set back button focus. At least I haven’t found it. Housing never flooded. Dual o rings. Moisture alert.

Fantasea macro wet lens UCL 09F +12.5

Fantasea Wide angle wet lens M67 big eye Mark II

Fantasea LCD view finder 2.3x magnifier

67mm screw in flip-aside diopter holder

2 x extra 3rd party camera batteries and chargers





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Yes, still available. As for shipping cost, I went to UPS online site, typed in a London postal code and got back cost estimates of $115-135.

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Hi, will you consider selling of the Fantasea housing alone (I already have the camera) ?




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