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Ikelite Gear For Sale - Just Add A Housing!

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I sold my 50D housing when the body died 3 years ago and well...haven't realistically been diving in years now...not looking any better either in the near future till the kiddos grow up. Time to invest in other hobbies at this point.
I have the following for sale:
2x DS-160 Strobes
2x Batteries
1x Smart Charger
Dual Ikelite Synch Cord
Single Ikelite Synch Cord
For free with purchase:
2x Ikelite arms from my old DS-50's that really need to be replaced, but I think may be workable for the time being with some negative buoyancy
2x heads for Ultralight Arms or so I was told they were
8" Dome Port IK 75340 - Has a scratch, doesn't affect image quality at all.
Extension IK 75028
Flat Port IK 5510.16
Port Extension 1.75" with Manual Focus Control IK 5510.75 (never wet)
AO Cooler bag to carry setup
Would like $1600 net to me.
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