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Iata regulations for Li-Ion Batteries

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I have just located the complete packing instruction




In essence for Li Ion

1. it is forbidden to transport any battery over 100 Wh

2. Spare batteries must be in carry on can't go in the hold

3. Each battery needs to go in a separate container or plastic bag to insulate the terminals if packed on its own this includes also camera batteries

4. If you have something over 100 Wh needs to be installed in the equipment prior authorisation is required and spares have to be in carry on the total limit for passenger aircraft is 5 kg. You need to label the luggage with dangerous goods item and the packaging must be able to sustain a 1.2m drop test


Having checked some of the equipment around on the most powerful lights I see Keldan are 99 Wh Gates are 97 Wh


There are no restriction to check in NiMH batteries used in strobes




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