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WTB: Nauticam Ports and Parts for A7RII Setup

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I switched over to the Nauticam world after using Ikelite for the last handful of years.


I'm looking to get appropriate ports/extensions for my 90mm macro and 28mm w/ 16mm Fisheye Converter


For the 90mm Macro:

Port - 37126 ( N100 Macro port 105)


For the 28 with FEC

Port Base - 37303 (N100 to N120 35.5mm port adaptor with zoom/focus knob)

Extension - 21130 (Extension ring 30 with lock)

Lens port - 18810 (N120 140mm optical glass fisheye port)


I am also in the market for the M67 to Bayonet Mount Converter for Wet Lenses for my WWL-1

The part that attaches to the front of the 67mm threaded port, converting it to bayonet.


I think this is what I want to screw onto my 28mm f2 Port (37127) to be compatible with the bayonet mount on my WWL-1


Many thanks!



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