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Wide Angle Lens Choice - Fiji Trip

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Good afternoon all


I was hoping to get some opinions on gear choices from those that have travelled to Fiji. I have dived Fiji before but not with my camera gear. Whilst I understand all my gear and the relative applications of each lens, I am trying to figure out which would be the best wide angle combo to take for versatility. I won’t have room for it all!


We are doing 2 dives with the sharks at Beqa then a 7 day cruise to the islands with macro and wide angle opportunities. My Camera – Nikon D500, Housing Nauticam. It can be assumed that I have all the necessary extensions and zoom gears etc.


Macro – is sorted – 105mm and port. I have a 60mm but prefer the 105.


Wide angle: Choices

  • Tokina 10-17 mm with 4.33” dome, also have kenko 1.4 TC with appropriate gears, extension etc
  • Tokina 11-16mm with 8.5” dome
  • Mid range: Sigma 17-70mm with 8.5” dome

I find I prefer the 8.5 dome over the 4.33 hence hesitating with the Tokina but the 4.3” is so much more travel friendly. I have had good results with the sigma behind the 8.5” dome.


I am having trouble deciding – what would you choose?







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Posted (edited)

When I went to Fiji I brought -

Macro: 105, wet lenses x2

WA: RS 13mm, Sigma 15, Nikon 16-35, 230mm dome


Fiji was (except for some bad weather that limited vis) more WA than macro. That said, I achieved one of my best anemonefish images with a 105 on that trip...

From other folk on my trip who went to Beqa - the water is loaded with particulate and not requiring the "best" of corner sharpness.


Why not the Tokina 10-17 with the Kenko, etc and the 8.5" dome? [sorry - not an expert if this will work.)

It would seem like this would give you the most opportunities.

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