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Sea & Sea MDX 5D help please.
I recently bought a second hand MKIII Series 2 housing and successfully got the Canon 5D Mark IV camera to work in it.
The help I need is getting Inon z240 Strobes to work.
I haven't got proper fibre cables yet, but I have played around with a piece of polymer fibre, enough to know the strobes are firing from the Optical YS Converter / C1 - sync appears okay on land.
Doing a bit of research, it appears the Canon 5D MkIV is supposed to use the C2 version of the Optical YS Convertor (I have the C1 version originally made for the MKIII)

Does anyone know the difference?

Is there any reason the C1 won't work?

On the convertor, there are a number of choices of Sea&Sea strobes.
Does anyone know what the differences are or which setting would most suit the Inon z240?

I have been shooting for years on a MkII using manual settings for strobes and I'm quite comfortable doing so. Worst case, if I can get this reliable in manual mode I'd be more than happy.

I am of course curious to know what the sTTL functions are like.

If anyone has more info on this configuration, I would be really grateful. The housing seems to access the majority of the camera controls. I have a slight alignment issue which means the cursor keys aren't working yet.

I need to find a MkIV tray as the MKIII has a pin which doesn't align with the MkIV (for now, I have removed the pin and manually aligned the camera)

I need to find some fibre optic cables.


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