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ipad workflow while travelling.

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Hello all,


The family and I are going on vacation in a couple of weeks and as i find myself using the ipad pro more and more lately i was wondering how plausible it would be to leave the laptop behind and just take the ipad with me for raw/jpeg editing, processing and backing up. After about a week of playing around with different programs including lightroom mobile, affinity, rawpower and others i have created a workflow that works for me albeit with some caveats that unfortunately i don't believe can be rectified just yet in ios.


So i use a 12.9 inch ipad pro

an sd to usb-c apple adapter

and a ravpower filehub plus.


The program i use to edit and process is called rawpower and it reminds me alot of apple aperture. The reason i prefer rawpower is that is uses/edits the photos library and it lets me export (full size) both the raw file and if i shoot raw+jpeg superfine it lets me export either/or.


The process is as follows:

1) connect via wifi to ravpower

2) Insert sd card reader into ipad and dump it into an album in photos.

3) open the album in rawpower and edit the photos, it's nondestructive and you can always go back to original whether raw or jpeg. (when i open a raw file, if i want to export the raw i do it before i begin processing, after processing you can only export a jpeg or tiff, but you can also revert back to the original RAW.

4) export files via ravpower to external HD for backup.


Why i like this workflow is because when i open rawpower i view each raw file from the session individually, either back it up immediately or create a jpeg to export. These files will end up where ever you put them with the same file name, for easy retrieval.


problems i've encountered:

1) No healing tool. This bothers me because sometimes a small speck on the image cannot be removed without for example lightroom mobile, which opens up another can of worms as far as file managment and exporting.


2) you cannot batch export raw files from rawpower through filehub plus. you can however back up the entire card through the filehub app. if you only shoot RAW you can export through photos app, for raw+jpeg the photos app will only export the jpeg.


So basically this is the process i use, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions please don't hesitate.












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