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LX100 II vs RX100 VA

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Eek.. may be changing my mind.


The LX100 II looks like it is a lot more camera than the RX100 VA, especially for photos but does it hold up in the video department?

I can see the lack of an built-in ND filter being a bit of an issue for video?


Does anyone have experience or can comment?


Thanks peeps! :-)

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What did you eventually get? I am actually picking from the two at the moment. Thanks.

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Posted (edited)

As a related note, for video only, after some hesitation between these two models I ended up going with another, the ageing Lumix LX10.

Reasons for disqualifying the RX100VA - mainly no efficient UW white balance and overheating issues

Resons for not going with LX100ii ( this was a tougher one) - size and design -  size of an LX100ii housing is like a mirrorless, kind of defeating the purpose going with a portless compact - otherwise can't really comment on this but I was told by a couple of sources that ergonomics were somehow not great for UW video use, and also that the LX10's lens gave somewhat better results, not convinced that the LX100ii's bigger sensor would positively give better video results in such a compact.

Happy with the LX10 - menu and functions are similar to the GH5, so possible to look up stuff online for video ( this probably would also be the case with the LX100 as well) - haven't tested it UW yet but have been shooting it topside within its nauticam housing  - great ergonomics, fast lense - easy to white balance, good functions like back-button focus, peaking, zebras, histogram etc. - and adjustable Cine-D profile (with a little workaround), no heating issues, 15 minutes in 4K (then I think it splits the file after that? - I shoot 30 seconds to 1 minute max so not an issue), battery life ok for a 60 minute dive. 
No ND filter either, but don't think this will be an issue underwater - topside I've been playing around with a 67mm ND on the housing, works fine (unless you need in-camera sound recording...)

On the downside i would say slow autofocus (after trying a few currently using reverted to multipoint FFS in auto, or manual)-
Poor stabilisation ( best to treat it like there is none), both in 4k and 1080
No HDMI live output so no external screen option ( but it is a compact, so...) - aperture dial is clicked.
Intense crop in 4K (down to 36mm) but this also allows you to use a simple wide angle wet lense like without having to zoom-in for cropping, which is actually good.

I don't shoot stills but it looks like a nice capable compact as well.

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