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Considering add-on macro lenses

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Heading to the Philippines in October - ten days aboard the Philippine Siren going around Cebu, then another ten days split between Puerto Galera and Anilao. Bringing my Sony A6300 with 10-18mm and 90mm macro. As the Philippines in general and Anilao in particular is rich in macro and supermacro subjects, I'm considering augmenting my 90mm with a diopter, but not sure which one to choose.

Mainly, I'm looking at Weefine WFL05 and Nauticam SMC-1, costing $359 and $480 respectively. There is also Weefine WFL03 at $199, but descriptions say that it is designed for compact cameras, so I'm afraid that it will vignette on APS-C, and I can't find any reviews to confirm or deny that. There is a single review of Kraken KRL-05S, which is the same thing as WFL05, but it's light on details.

I could also try importing a Fantasea UCL-09F from US (locally, it's more expensive than getting an SMC-1 from China), as that one is confirmed to work with A6500 and 90mm.

Has anyone here had personal experience with Weefine/Kraken lenses?



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