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Editing Video on an IPad? Sure!

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I wanted to post a video of the before and after colour correction I do on my footage. This was all edited on my iPad Pro 11” using LumaFusion. All the footage was shot on my LX10 / Nauticam rig. No red filter or lights, just custom white balance. The depth is anywhere from 30-90 feet. I just trimmed the beginning and ending of the clips and applied the colour correction.


I have some LUT’s that I created in DaVinci Resolve that I imported into LumaFusion, this is necessary step as it gives LumaFusion a good starting point.


I’m currently using the beta version of iPad OS 13 so I’m able to plug in hard drives to import or backup my video.


It can handle any 4K clips I throw at it without any issues, even with 4-5 layers of 4K video. I left the audio as is, this is just to show the colour correction.



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