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Good day everyone,


After years of following WetPixel (WP) on Instagram I've taken the plunge and formally joined.


I recently upgraded from a mirrorless 4/3* to a full frame Nikon D850. Wow what a camera! Shooting it in a Nauticam housing with the vacuum system, which I love. For strobes I use the YSD2 J's from Sea & Sea and the Z240's from Inon. Our last trip I added two Nauticam 70x300mm carbon fiber float arms. I thought I had my rig neutrally buoyant before, but I was wrong. Being able to have the camera float at depth for 10-15 seconds before slowly sinking was a joy to behold. At times I found myself playing with my rig if I couldn't find a compelling shot or was completing the safety stop.


I've been diving since late 2006 and took up UW Photography in early 2014, so still learning a lot. I like to say I'm a diver first and a photographer second, which is true most of the time. For the past four years my wife and I travel around 100 days a year and 2/3 of that is diving and shooting. In 2011 I made my first trip to the Solomon's and have returned once since then, but have trips planned in 2020 and 2021. 2017 was our first introduction to Indonesia, where we have returned three times since then with more on the books in the next two years. I am almost over diving in the Caribbean, as Indo and the Pacific has a hold on me.


As far as shooting I tend to prefer macro as I can control the foreground and background easier, but I am enjoying the challenge of wide angle. At this point in my craft I'm trying to move away from the animal ID shot and become more artistic. I can easily spend 10-40 minutes on a single subject/setup. We have been attending workshops from Backscatter for techniques and post processing with Erin Quigley and Jim Decker. I've also attended three of their Digital Shootouts.


If anyone is interested I have a hobby website http://brownduckphoto.comthat does not get as much attention as it should.





*eventually listed in the classifieds :)

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