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Help on my first dslr setup

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On 9/17/2019 at 6:48 PM, jjmochi said:

Hi phxazcraig- my next trip will be French Polynesia, diving Rangiroa and Fakarava and doing a humpback whale tour on Moorea, which lens did you bring / find was best for shooting the sharks? I was also wondering if the sharks/mantas/dolphins came close enough to be in range of your strobes, or if you shot most scenes with ambient light only? I am debating whether I should bring my strobes as the weight restriction is quite low (only 5kg carry on) 

You mentioned there are macro shots too- where was that / assume it was not during the pass dives? Or was it in the society islands?Thanks!


I was there several years ago, with a new RX100 II system and dual strobes.   A normal range lens with some wideness and some tele.  I'd say wide angle to normal for sharks.  Depending on ISO, they do come close enough for flash.  http://www.cjcphoto.net/polynesia2015/images/150103-102516-00-69-rx100m2.jpg

As for macro, I can't recommend a specific location, but there are anemones and clownfish and some cool clams in a lot of places.

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