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Minolta/Konica DiMage Xg for Underwater?

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Since I'm about to drop about $4-grand on scuba gear for my wife and I, I've only got a few scheckels left for a starter u/w camera rig. I'm considering a number of possibilities, like an Olympus C-5050 w/ housing and possibly an external strobe.


But I already own two of these DiMage Xg point-&-shoot cameras, and there's an underwater housing for it, but I can't find any evidence that anybody has actually bought or used such a thing to shoot underwater photos.


Given where I am in the learning curve, this MIGHT be enough for my next coupla/few dives, and then, after I've digested the cost of the gear, I could consider something a little more upscale.


In the meantime, I just wonder if there is anybody out there who is familiar with this camera/housing combo and has anything constructive to say about it.


One possible downside: it's rated to 30 meters, about 100 feet, and I 'spect I will soon be diving deeper than that...





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