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FS Complete system, Nikon D-810 Ikelite Housing, DS161M Strobes and arms, Ports, everythinges

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 FS   Complete System for Nikon D-810, Ikelite Housing, Ikelite DS161M Strobes and arms, additional ports.   I would like to keep this together as a package, otherwise individual prices are higher.

Total Package  $4,700  everything including camera body.

Individual Prices: Camera body only  excellent condition        $1,400

                                Housing only     excellent condition             $1,300

                                Ports                   very good condition            $600       Note: small scratch on 8 inch dome.  However it has shown no effect on photos.

                                Srtobes (each)  excellent condition              $1,000    Note: one set of arms per strobe, Includes single cable for one, or double cable if both purchased


housing 2.jpg

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