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Sony a5100 fisheye lens Nautical housing

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The sad day has come where I am selling my beautiful camera baby. She has travelled to several different countries around the world, had her first work gig as an underwater photographer and taken thousands of absolutely stunning photos.


Sony a5100 with 16mm pancake lens and Sony fisheye converter inside a Nauticam housing with 4.33” fisheye dome port.


Really great setup for taking over under photos. The colours of this Sony camera are absolutely unreal, and she is good to go as is. No need for any additions, besides of course a strobe or two for diving.


This setup is just over 2 years old and has been amazing. She was my setup while working as a photographer diving every day so there is a few signs of love (slight discolouration where your fingers sit, faded writing) but all seals and buttons are in perfect working condition. The dome port is scratch free and has been replaced within the last 12 months.


I am also including:

original kit lens for the camera- 16-50mm, (camera and kit lens retail $550)

Sony 18-200mm telephoto lens, (retail for $900)

Samyang 12mm F2.0 lens which is AMAZING for landscape and Astrophotography! (Retail $360) This lens has only been used a few times and took some spectacular night photos before I upgraded my system.

(Sony 16mm pancake lens and fisheye converter retail roughly $600)

Also comes with one Sony battery and one top max battery,

Charging cable,

Nauticam o-rings, lube Allen keys, lens caps for all lenses, two dome covers, Sony camera carry bag and a few other lens bags/cases.


This camera setup is perfect for someone who wants to have an epic kickoff to their photography experience. I am only selling her because I have just upgraded my system to a full frame model. You can get her wet as soon as you get her and she will take perfect photos from the getgo!!

PM me for more info/ photos or if you have any questions.

Will be so sad to see her go, but she needs a new owner who will love her as much as I do.





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Would you be interested in selling the Samyang separately (it is e-mount isn't it?)? If so, how much would you be looking for with postage? I'm in 3188, VIC if it helps calculate any postage :)


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