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Flipping ISO controls on Nikon D850?

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I'm shooting a D850 in a Nauticam housing, and the way ISO changes are set up I need to use both hands.  I'd rather press a level with my right thumb and use might right finger to spin the front dial at the same time.   The default is toggling Auto-ISO on and off.  I don't want to swap dials for everything, just this function.  Or find another way to change ISO quickly with one hand.

Is there a better way?  Current method is press lever with right thumb and reach over to a dial on the top right side of the housing with my other hand.


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These setting work with the Nikon D7200 and D500 and probably also with the D850:

On land, a one time preparation for the camera to keep a Setting menu on the screen while you adjust it 

1. Open Menu > Custom Settings Menu (CSM) >

   f6 Release button to use dial > ON

2. To allow plenty of time to adjust the ISO,

   Oopen Menu > CSM > c4 Menus and Information display > set Monitor off delay,  set to 10 minutes or similar. That’s it.  

- -

The camera main screen can now be used to adjust the ISO sensitivity:

Press info, then ISO. An ISO menu appears on the screen,

  the Sub Command dial turns the Auto ISO function On or Off;

  the Main Command dial sets the ISO value.

To Exit, press info, or the shutter release half way.

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Hello Carig, if I understand correctly you are already using the "release button to use dial", but you want to switch the Main / sub commands only for the Iso.

I think it is not possible.

To adjust iso on my Nauticam D500, i press the iso lever with my right thumb and then adjust the main command with my right thumb.
It takes some practice, but then you can do it by "memory"

I can do it easily with 1 hand. Please note that I'm using short handles.

Kind regards,

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Hmm.  I'll have to look into alternate control settings.  I'm pretty happy with them they way they are, except this one option.   I have to push forward with my right thumb - it seems too difficult to do pressing forward with the back of my index finger.  If I use my thumb, I have to use my other hand to turn the right-rear dial.  Alternatives seem to be a) swapping dials for all controls (?), b) finding a way to not need to press a button at all, but to do it in a menu, and c) perhaps finding an option to press the ISO lever, release it and still have the next dial turn change ISO (?)

I'd kind of like something like the F2 button be substituted for something here.


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