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After I got Nikon 8-15 fisheye, should I keep Nikon 16mm and Sigma 15mm?

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Hey all.

Recently I moved onto Nikon D850 from D700.

I used to carry with me Sigma 15mm for CFWA and Nikon 16mm for everything else.

Now I got Nikon 8-15 mm fisheye with the idea to get the latest and greatest, but also to replace these two since it also focuses very close.

What is the verdict from people who moved on to Nikon 8-15 fisheye?  Is it a viable replacement for both Sigma 15mm for CFWA and Nikon 16mm and no need to stick with old lenses?



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Hi Chipi

I used the Sigma 15mm with my D800 setup; and, as you know, now use the Nikkor 8-15 with a D500.

If I had stuck with the FX sensor I would not have kept the Sigma in addition to the 8-15. I find the 8-15 excellent - although, as I have posted before, I'm not to sure about the 8mm circular setting but that's a personal preference thing and nothing to do with the optics. 

One of the things I do like about the 8-15 is you can widen out from the 15mm setting before getting to a full circle image.

But neither topside nor underwater would I have found a use for both the Sigma and the Nikkor,. One of them is enough and the 8-15 is The One.

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