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Ikelite Housing For Sony a7r III + Accessories

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For sale is gently used, only 5 weeks of diving on 1 trip, Ikelite housing for Sony a7r iii with ports and accessories as follows.

1 Ikelite Housing for Sony A7RIII and A9 Dry Lock Version- 200ft (compatible with the Sony a7iii as well) ike-71473 $1695.00
1 Ikelite Vacuum Pump with Gauge IKE-47011 $59.95
1 Ikelite right-hand quick release Handle with Extension IKE-4077.02 $65.00
2 ULCS BA-IK Base Adapter for Ikelite quick release Handle ULCS-BA-IK $23.95 $47.90
1 Ikelite Single Sync Cord for Sea & Sea/Inon strobes (Non TTL) IKE-45281 $119.95
1 Ikelite 20mm Port Extension for Dry Lock Housings ike-75020 $199.95 (Port extension for 90mm macro 1 of 3 pcs)
1 Ikelite 42mm Port Extension for Dry Lock Housings ike-75042 $249.95 (Port extension for 90mm macro 2 of 3 pcs)
1 Ikelite Macro Flat Port for Dry Lock Housings ike-75301 $374.95 (Port for 90mm macro 3 of 3 pcs) 

Total paid at Blue Water Photo, April 2019, was $2,812.65.  I am selling for $2,200; your gain my loss.  This is excellent starter kit in almost mint condition.  Please see my photos at https://www.alekmiko.com/underwater-photography taken with this set-up.  

Also have Sony a7r III that I might consider selling, along with Batis 85mm f1.8 and Batis 25mm f2.0.  

PM me if you are interested in this set-up.











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