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Biofluorescence UW photography - Filters & Lights

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Hi Everyone,

For those interested in experiencing biofluorescence, check out some of the items I have for sale below. Selling these items (touched water once!) because I won't have an opportunity to give it another shot for a couple years. Best they not go to waste and someone enjoy them. They're in EXCELLENT (like new) condition, with original packaging. I can also provide proof of purchase from Backscatter if needed. Plus photos of course. If you're interested, please make an offer and we can discuss shipping options. 

The following items are for sale (prices quoted in USD):

  • 2x Nightsea Excitation Filter for Sea & Sea YS-D1, YS-D2 & YS-D2J Strobes - asking $150 each (RRP: $189 USD)
  • Fluorescence Barrier Filter Thread on Type 55mm - asking $20 (RRP: $30)
  • Fluorescence Barrier Filter Thread on Type 52mm - asking $20 (RRP: $30)
  • Light & Motion Sola Nightsea Blue Light (with hand strap) - asking $450 (RRP: $550)
  • Nightsea Yellow Filter Mask Visor & Strap Wrapper Combo - asking $30 (RRP: $50)

Will update this post as things are sold. 


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