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Aquatica AD800 + Ports + View Finders Kit

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I work with the National Geographic Society. We are selling some gear we used on a couple of expeditions. It is still in good condition, it just no longer fits our needs. All dome ports come with soft covers and rear port caps, and the 9.25" and 8" come with new extension O-rings and lubricant.

Aquatica AD800 Underwater DSLR Housing- $1900

Aquatica 9.25" Dome Port- $800

Aquatica 8" Dome Port- $400 

Aquatica 4" Dome Port- $450

Macro port with focus knob (fair condition)- $150

2x Aquatica Aqua view 180 finder- $800 each or $1300 for both

The sum of all the items above is $5000, but I will sell the whole kit for $4300

Please message me if you are interested.



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Hi Singkwan,

Thank you for your message. I am willing to sell individual parts if you would be interested.

What parts would you be looking to buy?


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