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Filter matching comparisons Panasonic GH5

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I spent 6 dives on the same spot to test the Magic filter, keldan spectrum filter and URPRO blue water filter matched with video lights filters to devise a new shooting technique that uses preset white balance let me know what you think



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Spectrum for my taste gives the most natural result. Reef colours look natural. Blues I cant judge there is so much banding due to youtube compression that destroys the blues competely. 

For the shalow stuff I wouldnt be using any filter in these conditions plenty of natural light to get more natural colour just by custom WB.

Between 9 and 15 meters in clear conditions with plenty of light I think is the optimal range and conditions for filters, shallower you dont really need deeper they only cause problems.

For me a filter I cant remove is a non starter so UR pro and Magic go out of the door anyway.

I didnt understand if you were using ambient filters on the lights or not also are the clips straight out of the camera or graded?

I would personally expose a bit brighter to try and get better looking blues but that is personal preference. 

Also there are some exposure changes during the clips which I guess dont make huge difference but if try to come to a conclusion you might be better served by full manual mode.

Once concluded maybe some fiddling around with the picture profile settings you are using bring you exactly where you want it to be.

Good analytical job as always.



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The purpose of this experiments was to stress the filters not to get a good clip. I have already made the clip from the trip

The exposure changes are the lights being switched on during the shot to demonstrate it stays semi neutral with colours

I actually found the ambient light filters very useful in shallow water for shots (not in this clip but in the good one) where subjects are in the shade. There is still a lot of ambient light so the lights without filter do not really work well and blow the surrounding while the combo works

Magic sent me a version that fits on the back of the WWL in depth but is smaller than required and moves around I am hoping they make the final measure

The point of the clips was to demonstrate you can dive with the filter all along 15 meters is already deeper than the working range and without the lights it would look dim see the approach then change when the lights come in


I also wanted to add the banding is because I exported directly from FCPX this is just a test so could not be bothered doing the full handbrake cycle that takes an hour or so. Usually I upload videos at 50 mbps and there is limited banding on youtube none on vimeo in this case I could not be asked!

I would also agree on the exposure the clip is not really graded I just had to do some white balancing especially for URPRO that was quite a bit off despite balancing in camera

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