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Scubalamp PV102 10,000 lumen video light

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I am selling my 10K lumen Scubalamp video light. This was the first video light I got when I got back into diving. I have since purchased other lights and this one is gathering dust so I am offering it up for sale. This light has a 16 LED bank for white lighting and 5 LED's for red and 5 for UV/blue. It has two buttons for operation, one for white lighting with a high/med/low selection, and the other for cycling UV/red. It charges via any standard USB micro charger, which is not pictured but is included. The light comes with the case as pictured, a ball attachment joint, the original replacement O Rings plus 8 extra spare O-Rings which I got from my local Scubalamp distributor. Total MAh is 77.7 which is under the TSA 100MAH limits for airline travel. There are a few minor dings/scratches along the front and rear edges which do not affect the light in any way. This is a great light to start with if you want to pack a lot of power without the huge budget of many of the video lights on the market.

was $400 no $330 shipped to the lower 48


I forgot that I had not listed here and only had it posted on another forum










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