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Jon Tillinghast

Nauticam Housing for Sony RX 100 IV AND camera

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This is an exceptional and very reliable package for either underwater stills or videos.  The package is for sale for $1100.

This top-end housing has been used flawlessly on about 75 dives, and is in excellent condition.  It comes with the vacuum seal system.  The housing sells new for $1040.  The  housing only fits the RX 100 IV, and it fits it like a glove--with every camera control being matched with a corresponding housing control.  The only flaw is a scratch on the plastic viewfinder cover.housingcamera1.thumb.jpg.7c7aee70f832d2378f7400e63fa1a955.jpg

The RX 100 IV camera itself has likewise been used only on about 75 dives, and it too is in excellent condition (lacking a mechanical shutter, these cameras  don't produce a shutter count).  It has always performed exceptionally.  I have used it for videos, and the only issue I've ever had was that the auto focus tends to be a bit slow in very low light/bad visibility situations.  Otherwise, I've been delighted with the videos.

Buying this package new will cost about $1700.  Seller has a 100% positive rating on eBay (jotillinghast7).

You may contact seller at jon@stsl.com or 907-321-3405. 

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