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Help! I need to learn about optical triggers

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I have been happily using TTL for Inon strobes, firing them with the little flash units that come with Olympus cameras, in Nauticam housings. Until now that is.   

The flash that came with my E-M1 mark II failed in less than a year and less than 50 dives (I don’t use it on land). I got a new one and took it diving today for the first time today. It died after 17 shots in 20 minutes. Back on land I confirmed that it is not just resting but is dead for sure. I’m p!$$ed off and not buying another one!

I need a quick solution for my week of diving over the holidays. A quick search using google turns up the Nauticam trigger but it’s $250 and manual only, and the UW Technics TTL trigger but it’s nearly $400.  The Anglerfish seems for remote use. What others are worth considering?

I’m sure there must be a wealth of info here but it’s not easy to search using a phone. If anyone would be so kind to tell me the right search terms or provide links, I would be grateful. 

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When u switch to LED trigger, Always test it with the fiber optics and strobes that u already have before buying.

Some fiber optics do not transmit enough light to trigger the strobes.

Some LED are too dim to trigger the strobes.

Some Strobes are not sensitive enough to be triggered.

But INON are quite sensitive. It shouldn't be any problem.

Just incase, u bring your FO cable together with your strobe and test with the camera anf housing before buying.

One of my friend have to change to "branded" FO for it to work with her S&S YS-D1. Then he upgraded to YS-D2 and it didn't work. Now I am trying to help him find a bigger diameter FO cable and hope that it works.

2 good thing is you'll get used to the Manual setting quite quickly and you can have better control over the lighting.

And you don't have to wait for the Olynoua mini strobe to recharge.



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