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The Master Cave - Xmas Eve, 9pm GMT

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Hi Folks


In 2018 a produced a short film for the Kendal Mountain Festival which was shown at the Petzl Underground session.

The film has remained exclusive to that event - until now!

I have decided to roll it out to the public for you all to enjoy the 2 years of hard work that went into it.

The film documents true cave exploration (no holiday diving or following someone else's line here!) with a team led by a woman (yep, that's me!)

We documented our discoveries from the outset and I turned it into a small documentary, designed to inspire women in exploration and bust the myth that being at the top end in technical or cave diving is a man's domain.

The footage of the brand new cave passage has only ever been seen by the exploration divers (3 of us!) and the 400 people at the Kendal Film Festival.


So grab your front row seat and tune in to Youtube and Vimeo (or via my website) at 9pm tomorrow and join us all to enjoy this premiere.


Let's face it - what else is there on telly?

About the film:


Originally created for the Kendal Film Festival 2018, this film documents a female cave diver who kick started a project in Croatia to continue exploring the cold, deep, underwater cave - Izvor Licanke.
The film follows her team as they train, explore and document their discoveries which, as with all true exploration, does not always go smoothly.
Directed by Christine Grosart.
Filmed by Mark Burkey photography, Maelstrom Photography and Design and Christine Grosart.
Exploration of this cave continued with significant discoveries in 2019 and the team are returning again in 2020.


Link to watch the film:


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great video


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