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Help with FIX neo light DX2500

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I have a FIX neo 2500DX that gave up the other day. The agent in Sweden where I live would need to send it to Japan to get it repaired and the estimated cost is more or less what I can get a new one for. Though I will make the investment in a new light I am wondering if anyone has some drawing or info on the electrical connectors of this light so I can tinker with it myself?

The light gave up after I hit it against the floor ever so lightly by mistake when I disconnected the charging cable. It gave off a short flash/light and haven't started since. It's absolutely bone dry, so no flooding. I think the hit broke something inside, and I would like to start by trying to figure out where by checking the different connectors in the lamp. The battery seems alright, but the rest has too many different options for connecting for me to try it. Most important would be to find out if the light diode itself is OK.

Any help is appreciated!

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