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Aquatica AD7000 for Nikon D7000 for sale

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I am selling my trusted Aquatica AD7000 Underwater housing for the Nikon D7000 camera, the AF Macro Port, and additional parts. Pictures taken with this underwater housing and more details can be found here: www.reefcolors.com.

1. The housing is in very good condition with some smaller scratches (only optically) in particular at the bottom and the back side, see pictures. The housing is very solid and sturdy, there was never any leak problem. It is equipped with dual Nikonos bulkheads and the Aquatica switchboard to electrically connect two external strobes. In addition, the Aquatica 18935 fiber optic bulkhead is included in the package which can replace one of the Nikonos bulkheads and allows to attach two strobes via two fiber optic cables. This is the configuration I used most of the time: one Nikonos and one optical bulkhead. With a Nikonos double sync cord two strobes can be simultaneously attached to the AD7000 either electrically or via fiber optics without changing anything at the housing.

2. The housing is equipped with a Leak Sentinel Version 4 vacuum leak detector which replaces the hydrophone (the hydrophone is mostly useless, and the newer Aquatica housings don’t have it anymore). With this configuration, none of the bulkheads had to be sacrificed. In addition, the moisture sensor of the housing was replaced by the Aquatica Surveyor Sensor for AD7000 which is sensitive to both moisture and pressure loss (the original Aquatica moisture sensor is included as spare part). This gives two independent pressure sensors.

3. Two Aquatica flat plates with 1" balls are attached to the grips to mount standard 1" ball strobe arms.

4. The Aquatica Autofocus Macro port shows a small scratch at the glass window which doesn’t affect the optical quality. Replacement windows are available from Aquatica, but I didn’t see any necessity to replace it.

Here is the list of parts included in the package:

Aquatica 20068 AD7000 Underwater housing

Aquatica 19229-AD7000 Surveyor Sensor for AD7000

Aquatica 18428 AF Macro Port

Aquatica 17553 (2 x) Flat Plate with 1" Ball

Aquatica 18935 Fiber Optic Bulkhead

Leak Sentinel V4 Vivid housings vacuum leak detector and pump

Howshot RM67-126P Mount Base 126 for Aquatica AF Macro Port

Package price: 700 € + shipping (DHL worldwide). The housing is also offered on ebay, staring price 549 €.




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