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INON EP02 dome port for E-M1 II

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Hi everyone.


I am currently using my E-M5 II + Olympus M.Zuiko 8mm fisheye with Olympus housing and AOI DLP-06 with 24mm extension.


Attached is the above below shot I produced during my 2019 Sipadan trip. But it takes quite alot of shot to get a good one.


I know 8" dome is definitely going to be easier and produce a finer split line. And AOI have a quite reasonably priced option. But it's not travel friendly.


Now I just bought the E-M1 II with Olympus housing and I am looking into a slightly bigger dome.


I've notice INON EP02 is slightly bigger than the 4" dome I am having. But I am not sure how muchbit helps in above below shot.


I know there's another combination of Olympus Adapters and the INON 170mm dome. But the price is slightly higher.


Is there any example of above below shots taken with the INOM EP02 or other combination??


Thank you in advance.




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