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o-Turtle mobile vs. UW Technics 11073 for Sony A6300 in Nauticam housing

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I am looking into getting a LED trigger for my Sony A6300 to use in the Nauticam housing. I have found the o-Turtle mobile and the UW Technics 11073 that should do the job. 

Is one of them better than the othter - or is there a third option I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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Yes, I got the o-turtle mobile, and it works great :-)

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Posted (edited)

Dear Thomas,
I would like to tell you some informations about the TURTLE products.
First of all the o-TURTLE  works with Olympus system.  If you would like to use the sony line to Sony A6000 series your choose would be the s-TURTLE SMART Mobie version.   This type works with all Sony system A 6000 to A7 series.


We made this type with small cable  not built in hotshoe.  The cause of this the space above the camera hotshoe.


The biggest difference the UW technics trigger and Our products is the battery type.  As i know the UW technics use CR2032  battery which is changeable.

We prefer the  LIPO cell which is chargeable.  :)

If you need more information please don't hesitate to write us the support@trt-electronics.com  mail.





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