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On 4/15/2020 at 11:07 PM, thani said:

I really like the URPRO red filter and I tested at 30m depth with good color reproduction.  Our 30 meters due to the bad visibility could mean that it can work much deeper in good visibility conditions.

BTW,  when I post the attachment the image/colors lose their contrast and color saturation during upload on wetpixel. Any body is facing the same issue?

The image on my laptop is quite close the physical color chart.




If you find you are losing colours during upload it is often a colour space issue, the image stored here is sRGB which should not give you any problems.  Are you uploading directly from your computer or via something like Flikr?  I had a little fiddle and an auto graypoint clicking on the substrate improves the image a lot taking away the yellow green, but the colours are still a little flat.  

I have found my uploads look pretty much the same on computer vs on wetpixel.  What steps do you take to prepare the upload image?  Do you directly upload the image from the computer  or via a hosting site?  If you were to send me the jpeg you uploaded I could directly compare how it compares with your upload and we could try to get to the bottom of it.

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