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Coral Nursery and Outplanting Instructional Video (4K)

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I produced this video to support the daily operations of Bay Islands Reef Restoration (BIRR). Located in Roatán, Honduras, BIRR is a coral nursery and coral restoration program dedicated to conserving and restoring threatened coral species. BIRR is supported by the Roatán Marine Park, Subway Watersports and Turquoise Bay Resort.

The primary use of this video is to support pre-dive briefings for scuba divers wishing to assist in the maintenance of coral nurseries and/or outplanting coral fragments on the reef. It may also used to support the PADI Bay Islands Reef Restoration Diver Distinctive Specialty course, which was developed and is delivered by Tripp Funderburk, the founder and chief administrator of BIRR.

My wife and I first learned about this project last summer when we took the PADI Reef Restoration Specialty course with Tripp. We were so impressed that I offered to make this video to help streamline the daily pre-dive briefings that he was delivering to students and guests. I hope that my small contribution will help with the long-term success of this important initiative.

This video is available for limited use by marine parks, coral restoration projects and dive operators supporting coral restoration operations at no fee. Please feel free to contact me directly to obtain a limited license agreement. All footage in this video was shot on a Panasonic DMC-LX100 in an Ikelite housing and was edited in Davinci Resolve 16. 


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