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Large dome shade and Ikelite 125 strobe manual-Ike o-rings free

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I have been going thru stuff and if you can use it- its yours

The dome shade was for an aquatica large dome if I recall.Custom made. Its made from one solid piece  of PVC with three plastic knob screws to hold it firm to port side.

The outside OD is 8 5/8 total diameter but the inside grip for the outer port is 8 3/16 The inset is about 5/8 milled down so your port fits 5/8 inside for the screws to grip-its your for the shipping only.It will fit in a 19$ flat rate box.

Black inside white outside but can be made black easy all over.

I have two New flat o-rings for If I recall Ikelite 200 strobes also mailed free-they are flat -not round in dimension .

The manual is for a Ikelite 125 strobe mailing is free just pm with an address in USA -If you live elsewhere I can go up to a few dollars to send.Needs a good home.

thanks Mark

send me a PM







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