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Shooting HLG Underwater & Grading on Rec.709 Timeline in FCPX

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Further to my previous two posts on this topic, PART 1 and PART 2, I practiced with grading of my HLG footage in FCPX a little bit more.  
So far, I found that the best way to grade HLG footage for SDR TVs and screens is to grade them on Rec.709 Timeline using the following LUTs: Lemming Camera LUT 'Pro Sony A - HLG to Rec.709 and Custom LUT 'Quicker - Neutral Film Brightest'.  After applying LUTs, I graded clips as usual.  It does not take more time and does not require a special monitor.  There are probably other and better ways to grade HLG footage, but I do not know them yet. 
Here is the link to the video Shooting HLG Underwater-Grading on Rec 709 Timeline  
You could see depth, ISO and F values of each clip in captions.
Another version of this video, graded in Premier Pro, was kindly put together by Juan M.Núñez
It would be interesting to know your opinion about the quality of images on SDR screens.  Also, if anyone would like to play with raw HLG clips that Juan and I used in these two videos, please let me know and I will share a link to the Dropbox.
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