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Davide DB

Giannutri Soft Bottoms: from exploration to conservation

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Hi all,

Here I am with my latest effort. You have English and Spanish subtitles

Bottom trawling is the most common and destructive fishing practices in the Mediterranean Sea.
Bottom trawling represents a major threat to the seafloor ecosystem. Yet soft bottoms are not desolate stretches of sand but complex ecosystems, populated by organisms that are fundamental to the conservation of fish stocks.

Giannutri island, part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, is a good example of intact marine environments. The fishing ban up to three miles has preserved intact deep habitats and the particular morphology of the island's seabed allows divers to reach the "twilight zone" (i.e. he bathymetric range between 50 and 120 meters.) in a rather simple way.

Trimix, DPVs and rebreathers are perfect tools for observing still extremely intact deep environments with less invasiveness. These protected areas suggests how protection, if properly managed, can effectively maintain integrity in environments that host hundred or thousands years old organisms and provide us with natural laboratories where we can study what these environments would be like if they had not been damaged by human activities.


On a technical perspective

An alternative title of the video could be "History of Panasonic underwater". In the video there are shots taken over many years with my GH2, GH3, GH4 and GH5.

So from a technical point of view I'm not at all satisfied with the quality of the footage which in some cases I consider to be very bad. I'm not a professional; I have witnessed some phenomena in a completely unexpected way,  with the poor beloved GH2 at 100 meters in winter sea at 1250 ISO or at the end of a dive with flat light batteries.

The important thing for me was to be able to communicate a message..




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I disabled by mistake English subtitles, it should be ok now.

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