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3rd party non-fisheye lenses for GoPro cameras underwater?

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Interested in how replacement lenses such as these non-fisheye lenses sold here would perform underwater - the camera still fits in a standard GP housing and the replacement doesn't seen to affect camera waterproofing


Looking into this 3.37 mm f2/8 lens in particular :


This is from the maker's website



The 3.37mm (HERO® 7/6/5) is our newest 4K lens designed for the GoPro® HERO® 7, 6 & 5 Black camera. With its 87 degree HFOV 16MP sharp 7 glass (4G+3MO) non-fisheye optics this lens captures the entire image sensor.
Compared to our popular 3.97mm lens, the 3.37mm is a little wider field of view and has better edge sharpness. The flare is a little more concentrated into points instead of spread out like with the 3.97mm. The 3.37mm also has a shorter TTL, so it sticks out of the camera less. This means you can use it in the GoPro® HERO® 7/6/5 with the stock front glass lens protector installed and maintain the waterproof rating, without requiring the use of the additional waterproof housing.

After removing the stock lens the 3.37mm threads in easily. No need to change to a different lens mount and all GoPro® accessories that mount around the lens protector are supported. No gap is present between the lens and the GoPro® lens surround as the 3.37mm lens spans the entire cavity. We're proud about how "stock" the installed 3.37mm lens appears.With it being 36 degrees narrower than the stock GoPro® lens this lens brings your subjects closer without being too zoomed in to introduce unwanted image jitter.


Given specs are as follows:

Model Number GP33728H7
Focal Length 3.37mm
35mm Equivalent (on 1/2.3" sensor) 19.0mm
Hyperfocal/Infinity Focus Distance 32.07in (81.46cm)
Fisheye/Barrel Distortion NO
Black Vignetting NO
Weight (Stock GoPro Lens = 5.5g) 6.83g
Angle of View (V*H*D) 70 x 87 x 100 degrees
Aperture (f Stop) 2.8
Back Focal Length (BFL) 2.97mm
Dimensions (Diameter x Length) 17.35 x 22.32mm
Native Camera Sensor Support 1/2.3"
Native Megapixel Support 16MP
Thread Material Metal
Optics Material Glass - 7 Elements
Fits in GoPro Waterproof Case? Yes
Has anyone tried these or similar?
Looking at examples given, results look promising in terms of reducing fish-eye corner distortion, especially when shooting with the cameras's 4k wide fov.
Not sure how these would fare underwater though....


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Try rather the Hawkeye Firefly 8SE 90 degree first. It has an older sensor and it's noisier than a gopro, but you can even refocus the lens for macro work. (it costs less than the lens you want to use)

In this video, there are some footages (wide angle was with Yi4K) with the macro modification:


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Thanks, good to know non-fisheye action cams exist - I already have two GoPro 7s, and like the stabilisation etc - I'm not so much interested in macro as in minimizing the lens distortion in the corners as discussed in this thread here.



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