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Am I being unreasonable?

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Just bought a Sony P100 for underwater use. 640x480 at 30fps use & 5mp, so it seemed pretty good. Reviews have been pretty good.


Received it yesterday & have been disappointed with every test I've put it through. Maybe I shouldn't be comparing it to a regular P&S since it's a compact, but it's really pretty crappy.


Basically, the focus sucks - spot or multi. I looked at a couple shots & have no idea what the camera was thinking since NOTHING was in focus. When using video, the focusing moves in & out for no apparent reasoning. The detail of pictures is horrible. The color of the pictures is off - really blah. I almost dread testing more...


Here's an example of color saturation issues - I have the Oly at standard mode & Sony at Fine mode.



Not the worst example, but I've deleted most of my other test shots out of pure frustration. These flowers look just like the Oly pictures, not washed out like the Sony ones.

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