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Saga Dive Fiber Optic RingFlash $595USD

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I have a demo Saga Dive Fiber Optic Ringflash made to fit a Nauticam Port 87 for a Nikon 105mm VR Macro Lens using a Sea & Sea YS-D1 or D2 strobe.

Excellent and easy to use to get perfect, even lighting on very small critters. Use with TTL and almost no adjustments are necessary while shooting.

This accessory concentrates the light through fiber optics, adapts to the flash head to guide the light through the fiber to carry it in front of the macro lens, it is ideal for extreme macro photography.
The working range is what the magnifying lens allows us, approximately between: 2.5 and 10cm.

The fibers can be retracted allowing the lens to be unscrewed easily, and ro change the illumination angles. This system does not oblige us to use only this type of lighting, since it is very easy to remove the flash from the support where the fibers are housed and use the equipment in a conventional way.

By providing a circular light, we can compose the image either horizontally or vertically and we will have the correct lighting in difficult places where with a conventional flash we could not illuminate (cracks, holes, etc.).

This has been used very lightly on a couple of trips. I have a review and photos here.

Note: This will only fit the above port and strobe configuration, but can be used on Nauticam D7000-series, D800-D850 etc. Any diopter can be used as the fiber optics are adjustable in length. Strobes can be mounted off to the side or on top of the housing. A second strobe (conventionally mounted) can be used at the same time. TTL is not affected and works very well.

This only includes the fibe optic adapter as shown below, port, strobe, diopters, arms, etc. are NOT included.

These sell for about $900 new.

$595 price includes PP or CC charges and Priority Mail shipping in the US. International shipping is available at cost.


Jack Connick
Optical Ocean Sales
Email: Jack@OpticalOceanSales





Ornate Ghost Pipefish closeup3.jpg



Saga Ringflash-2.jpg

Saga Ringflash-1.jpg

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Lets reduce this to an amazing price of $495!

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Further reduction to $395! This is an excellent lighting tool for macro.

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