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Wetpixel Live: Lens Choices for Cropped sensor and Micro 4/3s cameras

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On 8/2/2020 at 10:17 PM, hyp said:

Looks like I'll just stay with my current setup and choose before the trip if it's going to be fisheye with the small dome or rectilinear with the 7" dome. I had hoped that maybe I could use the smaller dome for multiple purposes and get rid of the 7" dome. Buying a new N120 dome and adapter (they are bloody expensive...) would make the whole exercise quite expensive. Thank you for your replies though. 

So close yet so far - note that the ID of ports varies among the various N85 ports available.  here's a list of lens diameters and some ports I have to show the variation:

Oly 12-40:  69.9mm

Panasonic 8-18mm: 73.4 mm

Tokina 10-17mm:  69.9mm

Zen DP-100 N85 port:  76mm

Zen DP-170 N85mm:  76mm

Nauticam macro port:  70mm

Your 8-18 fits in the 7" nauticam dome and the Olympus 12-40mm fits in the Zen DP-170 and will pass through from the back with the Nauticam zoom gear attached.  Seeing as how the 12-40 fits a Zen port, it follows also that the Tokina will fit with zoom gear. 

Where you will run into trouble is with extension rings that you need for the metabones adapter.  if you could find an extension ring with the same ID as the Zen ports you could probably do it.  It would need to have the same metal port attachment lugs as the Zen - not the plastic piece Nauticam uses on the smaller ports and no internal bits.  Otherwise it would be the N85-N120 37.5mm adapter and the Nauticam 4.33" N120 port - which would add up to quite a bit.  It's too bad Nauticam didn't use the N100 system for m43.

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