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Alison Perkins

Are your stolen seaslug photos on this Instagram page?

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Unfortunately aggregation sites are a thing on Instagram and some of them have very big followings.  At least it seems they tag the source - if done properly you should get a notification that you have been tagged in a photo  and you can see all photos where you have been tagged by clicking a button on your profile page.   Instagram doesn't seem to discourage it and I don't know that you can prevent it apart from making your site private which defeats the purpose.

Depending on who does it you can get a lot more exposure for example this non-UW image of mine was re-grammed on Planet Birds :

Tagged Instagram Image

It gained way way more likes and comments than even the most popular image on my site. 

Having said all that It's not cool to crop off the watermark and a DM to them is probably appropriate and as a commercial site they really should ask - the purpose seems to be to promote their nudi themed phone cases.

Nice shots on your page by the way - at least posting got you one new follower :lol:

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