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I'm offering a great deal on my 2007 era SUBAL C40 housing with attached SUBAL GS 180 degree Straight Expanded Viewfinder. The housing currently retails for about $1774 USD (1.500,- €) and the viewfinder for about $1960 USD (1.658,- €). The housing is in excellent shape with only minor cosmetic signs of use. The power on/off switch is cracked, but does not affect its operation. 

I can sell the housing with viewfinder for $2000 USD (1.691,- €)

I have a SUBAL DP-FE3 8" Glass Fisheye Dome Port for a lens such as the Tokina 10-17mm zoom.  (Glass is in mint condition) for $1400 USD (1.184,- €). 

I also have a SUBAL FP-68 Flat Port for standard and macro lenses, such as the Canon EF-S 60mm macro USM. (Glass is in mint condition) for $250 USD (211,- €). 

I would prefer to sell this as a package and will include a very well cared for Canon EOS 40D (body only) for no additional charge. Package Total: $3500 (2.960,- €). 

Please message me with any questions, or to request additional photographs of the items. I will consider shipping internationally on a case by case basis. All shipping costs, including insurance, will by paid for by the buyer using their designated shipping company. 

For detail information, click the following links:

SUBAL C40 http://www.subal.com/a59c74c2c1/Housings/UW_Housings/Canon/C_40.aspx

SUBAL GS 180  http://www.subal.com/a65c58c13/Ports_Gears_Viewfinders/Magnifying_optics_of_search/GS_180_viewfinder.aspx

SUBAL DP-FE3  http://www.subal.com/a82c15c13/Ports_Gears_Viewfinders/Dome_ports/DP_FE_dome_port.aspx

SUBAL FP-68 http://www.subal.com/a135c16c13/Ports_Gears_Viewfinders/Flat_port/FP_68_flat_port.aspx

Please visit my FLICKR Turks and Caicos Album to see photos taken with this system: 

Turks & Caicos





IMG_6524 small.jpg

IMG_6493 small.jpg

IMG_6491 small.jpg

IMG_6414 small.jpg

IMG_6500 small.jpg

IMG_6486 smaller.jpg

IMG_6435 smaller.jpg

IMG_6496 smaller.jpg

IMG_6479 smaller.jpg

IMG_6512 smaller.jpg

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This is a wonderful system for someone starting out, or wanting to step up to Digital SLR photography!

I will consider all serious offers!

!!!!!! New Package Total: $2,500 USD (2.098, - €) OBO !!!!!!


20120903-IMG_5405 edit.jpg

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