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For Sale: Canon WP-DC34 UW housing (for Canon G12) + BigEye WA wet lens + fiber optic bulkhead add-on

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I am selling a Canon WP-DC34 underwater housing with some extra accessories. This housing is made for the Canon Powershot G12 camera.
•    Please note: camera is NOT included (just the housing)
I have not been diving with this housing in quite a while, however I recently checked the housing over, verified the O-ring was in good shape and also did a leak test with it. It had no problems, no leaks. It is in really good shape.

Asking price for this system is $65.00 USD + shipping, payment by PayPal

Items are located in USA. I will ship to USA addresses. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer (Housing/BigEye package weighs appx. 3.3lbs., dimensions: 14” x 9” x 5.5”)

  • Canon WP-DC34 Underwater Housing for Canon Powershot G12
  • WW-DC1 Weight Set (4 pack)
    • This is used to add weight to the WP-DC34 to make it less buoyant. It is pretty floaty
    • I can provide directions on how to use these
  • Fantasea BigEye G Series wide-angle (wet) lens for WP-DC34
  • Fantasea EyeGrabber Lens Caddy for G Series
    • + Hardcopy of instructions for this accessory
  • INON Optical D Cable Type L/Cap W54 Set Clear Photo System Film
    • This is an adaptor set, specifically for the WP-DC34 that will allow you to hook up to 2 external underwater strobes to the housing using fiber optic cables (cables are included. They are plug-less on one end and have an INON type plug on the other end)
      • Note that this works great for triggering strobes but I don't think there is TTL control (auto power adjustment). Honestly, I can't remember for sure, but it is likely that strobe power is controlled manually.
    • There are two parts to this kit. 
      • One part, the one I’ve used, is a fiber optic bulkhead attachment assembly. I’ve connected two Sea & Sea YS110a strobes to the housing before and it worked great.
      • The other part is an L Connecter assembly. I’m not sure what exactly this part is used for because I’ve only used the bulkhead, but it is part of the set, nonetheless. 
      • Also included are 2 fiber optic cables to hook up to the bulkhead and strobes. 
    • I do have the full instruction sheets that came with the set which shows assembly and use of both parts. I can also explain my experience of how to install the bulkhead.
    • Pictures in the link below show this kit and also the housing with the bulkhead and fiber optic cables installed so you have some idea.

*I do not have the original hard-copy manuals for the Housing or the BigEye lens, but I can provide pdfs of them on a usb stick, if needed.

I have verified the housing is working as it should and does not leak. That being said, it is the buyer’s responsibility to know how to properly set up and maintain the housing. I recommend that if you buy this equipment, the first thing you do is perform a leak test on the empty housing to assure yourself that everything works as expected.  I will not accept responsibility for damage to a camera due to a flooded housing! There are too many variables associated with how a person may use the equipment that I have no control over.

I was only able to attach a couple of pictures to the listing. You can find more pictures at this link:


Canon WP-DC34 UW Housing kit pictures









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NOTE: I found the original hard-copy manuals for the Housing and for the BigEye lens, so they are now included, as well.

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The housing and accessories have been SOLD. This listing is now closed.

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