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Davide DB

Mesophotic Snippets: Zeus Faber

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The Zeus faber or John Dory is certainly one of the most representative fish of the Mediterranean mesophotic zone.

The John Dory has a high laterally compressed body: it's so thin it can hardly be seen from the front. The large eyes at the front of the head provide it with the binocular vision and depth perception it needs to catch prey. It hides among gorgonians and catches prey by stalking it, then extending its jaw forward in a tube-like structure to suck the fish in.

I am always hypnotized by the ability of this fish to advance while remaining with the body motionless while moving only the anal and dorsal fins with an infinite vibration.

These two specimens were filmed on Giannutri Island at a depth of 75 meters (250 ft.).

In the central clip (00:48)  there are 3 other mesophotic  citizens: A basket star (Astrospartus mediterraneus) , a melon sea urchin (Echinus melo) and some colonies of red coral (Corallium rubrum).


Audio track: Antigravity 2 by Dan Skinner & Adam Skinner - via Audio Network

Cover photo: Marco Bartolomucci



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3 hours ago, Davide DB said:

Hahahaha Never do three task at the same time....

You mean like monitoring your PO2 & deco, adding O2/Dil, and taking pictures?! :)


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