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Don Silcock

Big Animal Encounters...

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About 5 years ago I went on my first "big animal" trip and got well and truly hooked.... I ended up working my way through an ever evolving bucket list. The thing is that conversation with other people on the specific trip (usually over an adult beverage or two) almost always turns to where else have you been? So the list never seems to get much shorter!

I got a great deal from doing the trips - personally in that I gained a much better understanding of the creatures themselves and the ocean itself. Plus it really helped me move my underwater photography forward. 

Everything I had planned for 2020 went out the window with the pandemic, but I hope to do a number of trips next year and have paid my deposits to get on the ones I really wanted to do. 

I try to document all the trips on my website and have written numerous articles on the experiences - which is basically all a labor of love as there is no money to be made with that. I realized recently that all the big animal pages are in different places and a bit hard to find...

So I have compiled my favorite trips (Great Whites, Tiger Beach, Bimini hammerheads, Cat Island Oceanics, Tonga humpbacks, Azores sperm whales, Isla Mujeres and Mozambique whale sharks, Socorro giant mantas, PNG reef mantas, Florida manatees, Australian giant cuttlefish and Chinchorro crocodiles) on to a single page, with links to the detailed sections.

Here is the link: Big Animal Encounters



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