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FS Nauticam WWL-1 lens, with buoyancy collar, hard lens cap and M67-Bayonet adapter

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A rare opportunity to get your hands on the amazing Nauticam WWL-1 water contact lens. 

This outfit comes complete with the buoyancy collar, both a neoprene cover and hard lens cap and M 67-Bayonet converter (with extender). New cost is €1400.

Condition, as can be seen from photo is pristine; no marks whatever on front or rear optics. Message me for more photos.

€950 o.n.o. plus shipping

“The Wet Wide Lens 1 is the highest quality wet-changeable underwater wide-angle conversion optic ever made, featuring unmatched contrast, overall sharpness, corner sharpness, and clarity. The design is truly full zoom through, allowing zoom to be used as a tool for framing, and removable in water for close-up and macro shots.”

If you are a micro 4/3 shooter, I also have an Olympus 14-42mm e-zoom lens and Nauticam zoom gear available separately.


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