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Free: Awful Polaroid housing for Canon 70D

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Hi all,

I would like to rehome this thing because it's not totally useless, but I can't in good conscience sell it. If you're new to underwater photography and want an inexpensive entry into the DSLR world, it might be worth your time/monies! Full specs can be found online.

The good ::.

.: This housing has never let any moisture in or flooded in many hundreds of dives

.: All the buttons still button

.: It's free

The bad ::.

.: You only get manual control over one parameter (either shutter or aperture, not both, which was fine for me since I shot video)

.: There are no interchangeable ports. The 60mm macro works great in there, as does my 35mm, and I'm guessing everything in between. It's designed for the 18-55mm kit lens and has a zoom gear but all autofocus.

.: The buttons stop working at around 80 feet. Too much pressure, and they no longer work. At least it doesn't flood? I've taken it pretty deep with no flooding issues, but this one drives me the most crazy, as I invariably find the coolest thing at 81 feet.


You cover shipping from Canary Islands and it's yours. I'm also selling the camera and lots of lenses at market rate, if you need the camera!






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