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We have just returned from our first cruise in 2021 and have to say the beautiful islands of Surin and Similan National Parks in Thailand have been delivered to us...

Guess what we meet...

An extremely strange creature for the novice but well known by divers...

It works as cleaner for other marine creatures...

The Pacific Clown Anemone Shrimp has a greatest body length of 40 millimeters and is an appealing looking shrimp. The base tone is straightforward and on the females the side of the mid-region is colored orange with huge white dabs. There is likewise a noticeable white protuberance behind the eyes on the female. Under amplification this mound is shrouded in a floral design. This can be found on this picture. The motivation behind the mound isn't known however almost certainly, it appealing to the males. The head is colored orange and there is a white line between the eyes. The males are not as bright and don't have the dabs as an afterthought or the white hump.The tail is white on both genders and there are five fragments on the finish of the tail with orange imprints encompassed by purple.

Look at this shot and tell us what do you think about it.136372404_3593749970716482_508729882369938023_o.thumb.jpg.a408a7e2d0d3ce4570db2b63f5faa740.jpg

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